Enhance your mushroom picking with our chanterelle collection!

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Waterproof, comfortable from day one and with some state of the art-traction. With our new chanterelle collection, it’s easier than ever to find the hidden treasures of the forest.

There are many reasons to love the forest. It’s beautiful, soothing and full of oxygen. But it’s also full of eatable things – especially during the fall. In Sweden, thanks to the Swedish right of public access, it’s possible to go into the woods and grab some of the best delicacies the world has to offer.

We love to pick mushrooms at Icebug. Therefore, we invented some shoes that make it easier. We think a good mushroom picking shoe needs the following abilities:

Traction: The forest is amazing, but it also full of tricky parts, especially moss-covered rocks and wet roots. With our beloved RB9X soles, we provide unbeatable traction on all types of surfaces, in every thinkable autumn weather condition.

Fit: Mushroom picking shoes must fit well on the foot. With the BOA lacing system, the shoes are easy to put on and off – and the upper of the shoe adapts to the foot in a way you’ve never seen before.


Comfort: Most people who have spent a full day in their rubber boots regret it, due to the lack of comfort. The shoes in our chanterelle collection are made to be worn for hour after hour.

Waterproofness: There’s a lot of water in the forest, especially during the fall. These shoes have an GORE-TEX® upper to protect your feet against water.

This fall, our chanterelle collection offers two products, which meets all the requirements above:

DTS3 RB9X GTX: The world’s softest GORE-TEX® shoe. A soft and comfortable everyday favorite that also works for running.

Detour RB9X GTX: A shoe capable of everything. With its medium-sized shaft and its stable midsole, Detour is made for those walks you never want to end.

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