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Audition will soon be open!

The Free mind 2018 audition will open here 30 October.

Until then, please read about our previous winners below!



In 2016, to honor Icebug’s feisty founder Eliza Tornqvist, we set out to find women with similar traits to be the Women of Icebug for the Safe grip, free mind campaign. They were selected for their courage, ingenuity, resourcefulness, or big hearts. In other words, they made a difference in the world, just like Eliza. Of the thousands of amazing women who wrote to us with their stories, we chose four:


In 2017 we found four more fantastic women. One woman each from Sweden, Norway, Germany and the US.

The winners received an all-inclusive trip to Sweden March 23-26, 2017. They stayed at a comfortable hotel, had delicious Swedish food and became a model for a day. Here’s a sneak peek from the weekend in Gothenburg!

Icebug, Foto: Thanner & Elmrin

Icebug, Foto: Thanner & Elmrin

The material that these women helped us create will be used to highlight what could be described as Icebugs most important friend – women above 50 during the winter of 2017! So keep your eyes open!


”It was an amazing weekend. So different and so fun. I’m not spoiled when it comes to stay at a hotel, eat at restaurants and get to act like a model for a whole day! It’s something I will remember for the rest of my life”.

Helene, 82, one of the 4 women from the campaign 2016.






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  • Att använda icebug är att gå i och med säkerhet,min promenad i ishalka under hösten och vintern med icebugs är med bra skor som ger mig en riktig trygghet i min gång där jag går fram!

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