“It’s all about getting people out the door”

By the age of 20 Markus Torgeby left everything. During four years he lived alone in a tipi in the woods of north Sweden. He ran, got cold, ate oatmeal and was forced to learn how to just exist. Finally, he was ready to go back to society. With him back he brought an enormous amount of experiences. He now uses these learnings to spread a new way of looking at running – and life.

This knowledge he also brings to the cooperation with Icebug. A cooperation that Icebug and this profil and author of the book ”A runners heart” started in 2016.
– When I met David and Tom, the owners of Icebug, it was almost the first time nobody asked me how fast I can run 10 K. Then I knew it was right. Our shared goal is just to get people from the sofa and through the door. That’s how we can start changing the world, Markus Torgeby says.

2016-06-03 Icebug Markus Torgeby Foto: Thanner&Elmrin

In more ways than one, this feels like the perfect match. Torgebys philosophy is really close to the core of what Icebug want to be and Markus felt that Icebug was the only shoe company he could consider working with.
– This is the first cooperation of this sort that I’ve done. I have got offers from several big companies but they have only seen me as a product and that doesn’t work for me. I am who I am and I can only do what I belive in. And I belive in the things that Icebug wants to do, Torgeby says.

David Ekelund, co-founder and CEO at Icebug, also had a clear vision of why Icebug wanted a close cooperation with Torgeby and where he wanted it to lead in the future.
– We want to get close to the core. The collaboration is not just a part of strenghten the brand of Icebug and try to sell more shoes, it’s also about the way we live and work. With Markus I find one thing more exciting than anything else right now and that is, what happens now? To find simplicity in a tent in the woods is one thing, but how do you take that with you to a every day life with a family in a house just outside of Gothenburg? Ekelund says.

Markus Torgeby will, with the help of Icebug, invite people to take part in exciting and different running camps on different locations and of course all year around. He will also become an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to product testing. A guy that runs two hours a day knows what a shoe needs to cope with.
– With the life I’m living, I know that most stuff aren’t made for me, I get that. In many ways I still live pretty hard core. But, if it works for me it also works for others. Shoes I have worn earlier breaks after a couple of weeks. So that I still can run in my favourite pair of Icebugs after almost two seasons – that’s nothing but impressive. And that’s the way I want it, I want to use a product until it’s all worn out.

When Markus briefly explains how he looks at running today it doesn’t sound like the normal chatter about pulse watches and minutes per kilometer. It’s more about what happens to you when you take off for a run in the woods and why you actually do it.
This is part of what he brought back with him from the tent. Before his time there he was not able to think about running in that way.
– Before that it was all about running as fast as possible. Now I have another entry point to it and that’s what I want to be and ambassador for. If you can widen the reason to why you do something, then it’s a much bigger chance that you’ll keep on doing it. To run is a simple thing but it allows you to think big. It doesn’t have to be about running 10 K’s sub 45 minutes and the result doesn’t always have to be most important. Just do it because you feel good out there.

Now days Markus lives on the island of Öckerö with his wife and children. Life is pretty different now compared to 10 years ago. But still he finds the well needed calmness during his long runs out on the rocks or in the woods.
– Now days running for me is a window back to something that feels right. It’s the best medicin against everything. I belive in the power of pulsating blood. Regardless if you’re feeling down or restless – everything gets better once you’re out there.

2016-06-03 Icebug Markus Torgeby Foto: Thanner&Elmrin

2016-06-03 Icebug Markus Torgeby
Foto: Thanner&Elmrin

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