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1. Run outside and be a happier person

Written by Icebug

Winter running Icebug, part 1:

Winter is coming! But when the snow arrives, a lot of people move to treadmills or, even worse, stop to run. It’s a pity, since people who run outdoors tend to be both happier and healthier.

In Sweden, where Icebug is founded, people love to run. Here, more than 40 percent of the population – that’s more than 4 million people – run at least once a week. But as soon as the winter comes, and all the snow and ice that comes with it, a lot of people change the workout schedule. A lot of people move their running sessions to the treadmill, and some quit all forms of running until spring arrives.

We think that’s a shame. More than 50 percent of the runners are running because it makes them feel good. There’s a lot of research that shows a relationship between outdoor training and happiness. One study was made in 2011, where some researchers checked out the differences between indoor and outdoor training. The results were clear: People who regularly do their training outside feel more positive and have a greater amount of energy (1). They also feel decreased in tension, confusion, anger and depression. The study also showed that people doing their training out in the nature is more likely to repeat their training the following day.

People who choose the outdoor training also have a lower risk of getting a poor mental health. A study from the University of Glasgow compared people that regularly do their work out in the nature with people who prefer indoor training. The result shows that the risk of getting a poor mental health is significantly lower if you choose outdoor training. (2).

Still not convinced that outdoor training is the best thing in world? Still longing for that treadmill? Then please remember that the treadmill is the thing in the gym that leads to the most injuries (3). Also: Did you know that the treadmill was meant to be tool for punishment at British prisons when it was invented 100 years ago? (4)

We can’t speak for you, but we don’t see any reasons to get punished by the treadmill when you can have the best runs of your life out in the nature.

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