Sven Kilander the winner of Icebug Xperience 2016

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Sven Kilander won Icebug Xperience last year, a victory that meant a lot to him.

– I had never ran a race longer than 10 km earlier. I was very pleased that my body could handle it.

Inspired by the beautiful Bohuslän Coast, Sven Kilander, who lives in Norway, was the fastest runner in the 75 km-long trail run. After the race, he has continued to train.

– I became motivated after IX 2016. At first I planned for a lot of running, but I couldn’t due to my calves. I had to stop after a short while. Now it’s better, it will be more running for me again. I might have time to get in shape for IX 2017.

Sven has an active life, among others he is a cross-country ski coach for children during the winter and is a mountainbike trainer in the summer.

– I love it. I have been doing it for many years, with focus on the longer mountain bike-races around the world. For long periods, I haven’t been running at all, perhaps only one time a week. The last three years I haven’t had any goals at all, but it’s natural for me to train a lot, I keep in shape.

Are you in a good shape right now?

– Probably not at the moment, but I always get in shape easily. In the summer I usually get in shape quite fast.

Your thoughts on this year’s competition?

– It would have been fun to come, but in that case I really have to start running more soon.

How do you value your victory last year?

– It was really a great experience, it was my first trail race ever.

What’s the best thing about IX?

“I love Bohuslän and have a small house there. It’s a great atmosphere during the entire event. Nice and relaxed people.


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