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10 inspiring trail races to try!

Written by Marie Thomasson

Tired of your regular running route? Then challenge yourself and discover something new. Here are ten of the coolest trail running events in Europe 2017.


1. The 300 of Sparta Endurance Race

When: May 7 – May 14 2017
Where: Sparta, Greece

What: To walk it would be impressive. To run it would be total madness – but a lot of people are doing exactly that every year. Here, you will be running the same roads as the mythical 300 Spartan soldiers were walking 2 500 years ago. The starting line is under the statue of King Leonidas and you will see the finish line in Thermopylae eight days and 378 kilometers later.



2. Trail Napoleon Classique

When: May 9 2017
Where: Corsica, France

What: Follow the footprints of Napoleon along the south coast of the beautiful island Corsica. During the 23 kilometers, you will see some of the best trails the island has to offer.


3. Transvulcania

When: May 13 2017
Where: La Palma, Canary Islands

What: Enjoy the stunning views of La Palma at this extreme race. You will start by the sea at the southern edge of La Palma, and from there you will have a tough 1 828m ascent in the volcanic sand in front of you. The whole race is 75 kilometers and has a total ascent of 4 350m.



4. Dolomite Extreme Trail

When: June 9 – June 11
Where: Val Di Zoldo, Italy

What: Run through the beautiful trails of the Dolomites, which is a part of the UNESCO world heritage. Most parts of the course go through uncontaminated territories and you will enjoy some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. Choose between 23, 53 or 103 kilometers.


5. Livigno Skymarathon

When: June 18 2017
Where: Livigno, Italy

What: The Livigno Skymarathon, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland is perhaps one of the steepest races in the world. During parts of the course, the route is so steep and exposed that you must hold yourself to ropes or chains. You will cover 34 kilometers and a total of 2 700 meters of climbing. All of this takes place between 2 500 and 3 000 meters above sea level, which makes this a huge challenge.



6. Blåmann Vertical

When: August 4 2017
Where: Tromsø, Norway

What: A vertical K is a quite cool challenge. A good place to do it is at the Blåmann Vertical, located at the beautiful fjord landscapes of northern Norway.



7. Red Bull K3

When: July 29 2017
Where: Susa, Italy

What: If you think that a vertical K isn’t enough, then try the Red Bull K3. Yep, you do three vertical K’s in a row. You will start at an altitude of 504m, and will reach the summit 9.7 kilometers later, at 3 538m. And there, you will be tired.


26/08/2016 UTMB 2016 CCC Mimmi KOTKA (SWE) © UTMB¨ - photo : Pascal Tournaire

© UTMB¨ – photo : Pascal Tournaire

8. Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc

When: August 28
Where: Chamonix, France

What: Perhaps the most well-known ultra-trail race there is. A 100-miler during the alps with a total ascent over 10 000 meters. The best runners will make it in approximately 21 hours which is an incredible achievement.


gore-tex run

9. Gore-Tex Transalpine Run

When: September 3-9 2017
Where: Fischen, Germany

What: Pair up with your best buddy and face the biggest trail running challenge in Europe. Gore-Tex Transalpine run is a multi-stage race where you will cover 271 kilometers during a week. The course will take you through four different countries and some of the best mountain trails Europe has to offer.



10. Icebug Xperience

When: September 1-3 2017
Where: Bohuslän, Sweden

What: Let’s hope you don’t find us arrogant now, but our own race Icebug Xperience sure is something special. Partly because the 75 kilometers during three days are incredible fun as well as beautiful, but also because of the social aspect of the race. At Icebug Xperience, you can stay at the same place as hundreds of other runners, which makes this a unique event.




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