Winter running

3. The weirdest advice to avoid slipping…

Written by Icebug

Winter running, part 3:
Don’t slip – walk like a penguin!
You can never guess how many different suggestions to avoid slipping you can find out there…

There are hundreds of reasons why it’s such a good thing to keep on running and walking outdoors during winter. But one good thing, in case you’re thinking about loosing some of – or to keep – your current weight, is that the body spends more energy in order to stay warm when the temperature drops. Studies has shown that you burn up to 15 % more if you choose to walk or run outdoors when it’s cold, compared to run or walk on a treadmill indoors.

So, how do you do to stay on your feet and be able to exercise outdoors, even when it’s slippery? If you start to google you will find a lot of old trix and tips.

And sure, if you haven’t heard about studded shoes this is better than nothing. But to “walk like a penguin”…?! (Google Walk like a penguin and you will find many examples).

In the movie above 8 points to think about before you start to move are listed. Except these advices it’s also suggested that you can protect yourself from injuries by wearing different protections, like a helmet. Then the moviemakers suggest that a rugged sole can be good. Even though from Icebugs point of view it’s highly unsure what a rugged sole can do on pure ice…

How you want to do your winter training is of course up to you. But we can promise you that there are safer – and better – alternatives than trying to walk like a penguin.
Give our studded shoes a try this winter!

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